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Stories at the Intersection of Running and Life
Discover the many different ways that running and life weave together. Each episode features a unique journey, with takeaways to inspire your running adventures.
Roads to Boston: 9 Runners, 1 Finish Line
The stories of 9 women runners, from around the world, who are all preparing for the historic 125th Boston Marathon on October 11, 2021.
Women's Stories About Running
Stories about running as told by women: Challenges, victories and what they've learned along the way
Women and the Comrades Marathon
Stories of women at the oldest, largest ultra-distance race in the world: South Africa's 90km/56-mile Comrades Marathon, "the ultimate human race"

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Women’s Running Stories (formerly Strides Forward) explores the intersection of running and life, through thoughtfully produced and edited story-telling and original music. Our regular episodes feature one woman’s story, focused around a topic central to her running story: activism, the transformational impact of running, aging, menopause and menstruation, community building, RED-s, activism, pregnancy, the mental game.

We have an entire series focused around “experiences at South Africa’s 90-km/56-mile Comrades Marathon.” We also feature the series Roads to Boston 2021. which traces the journeys of 9 women from the start of their running pursuits through to the finish line of the 2022 Boston Marathon.

Runners featured vary widely: from world record setters to mid-life fitness seekers. And the stories are as different as the runners who share them. The one thing they all have in common is that they love to run.

Here at Women’s Running Stories, we believe that everyone should feel welcome at the start line, the group run, the trail adventure, the road workout, the track session, and the post-race BBQ.

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Women’s Running Stories is hosted and produced by Cherie Louise Turner, in Somerville, Massachusetts, and Cork, Ireland. Cherie has spent her career telling stories in print and more recently audio, and she’s been a lifelong competitive athlete. Creating Women’s Running Stories is Cherie’s ideal coming together of these two worlds.

Original music and sound design are created by Cormac O’Regan, one of the founding members of Playtoh, in the great city of Cork, Ireland. Cormac is an avid distance runner with a focus on marathons, and he hopes to inspire his two young, energetic daughters.

Graphics, logo, social media, and website are created by April Marriner of Bonfire Collaborative, a website development and brand identity company. When April is away from work, she’s out enjoying the Sierra Nevada Mountains near her Truckee, California, home and being a rad mom to her two fantastic kids.