UK-based runner Andrea came to running as an adult and discovered a joy in setting big goals for herself in the sport. The first goal: run 50 races. Once she’d met this goal, Andrea was looking for another project to fuel her running motivation. Andrea’s young adult daughter had recently moved out on her own, and the two of them shared a love of running and of travel.

So this mother daughter team came up with their ideal running project: to run the alphabet. They are currently in the middle of running a series of 26 races, each with a subsequent letter of the alphabet in the name of the race, from A to Z. There are no restrictions on distance, terrain, or location.

This alphabet challenge has opened this mother-daughter team up to a whole series of adventures, and Andrea is here to tell the story.

Hear how running has become a catalyst to strengthen a family bond, and what discoveries Andrea has made all along her running journey.

This is a truly delightful story about how challenging and playful running can be, and how discovering new places by foot at the speed of running can be a terrific way to see the world.

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