Diverse We Run founder Su shares the highs and lows of trail running as a Chinese-American woman 

Carolyn Su is a runner and the founder of Diverse We Run, a space to build racial diversity and amplify diverse voices and stories in running on Instagram.

Until 2020, Su was a road runner. She hadn’t run on the trails, let alone race. And when she documented her friend’s experiences at the 2019 Trans Rockies, a multi-day trail running stage race, she thought it looked amazing, but it didn’t even occur to her that this was something she’d be capable of.

But then, on one fateful day, she got a call from her friend Mirna Valerio. Valerio had an invitation for Su to participate in the 2021 version of the Trans Rockies, that same multi-day race Su’s friend had done. That invitation sparked something in Su’s curious, adventurous spirit, and she decided to say yes.

No doubt, Su, who is Chinese-American, was excited to embark on an epic adventure. In addition, she was strongly motived to help create space in this sport for people who look like her: she wanted to represent and to be seen.

This is the story of Su’s fears and joys, as well as her triumphs and exhaustion, navigating the predominantly white and male world of trail running, helping to carve out space for BIPOC runners. Su’s story elevates concerns, racism, danger, and frustrations that white runners can largely overlook or don’t even notice, but which make this sport far less welcoming and more laborious for BIPOC runners.

Su’s story is testament to why diverse voices and representation in running, especially trail running, matter.

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