A recovery and parenting story, launched by a stroller jogger.

Early in her life, Celeste Yvonne had decided she wasn’t a runner. She felt like she didn’t look like a runner or have a runner’s mindset. Furthermore, running didn’t feel good.

Enter, her first child, who was colicky; Celeste struggled mightily to get him to calm down. In an act of exhausted desperation, she tried jogging. And, it worked. As someone who always enjoyed working out, this also filled the need for Celeste to incorporate meaningful movement into her new life as a mom.

While Celeste had cleared that parenting hurdle, being a mom was still stressful, so she did what so many overtaxed moms do: she drank. She joined Mommy Wine Culture.

Over time, however, as she continued to up both her running game and her drinking game, she began to realize the ways that drinking was doing more harm than good, and she stopped.

This is Celeste Yvonne’s running story, from those early days of desperately looking for ways to calm down her son, to it’s connection to justifying her heavy drinking, and then to it’s role in her sobriety journey, through to today, as her running continues to evolve.

In addition to being a runner and a mother, Celeste Yvonne is a writer, blogger, and sobriety coach. Her first published book, It’s Not about the Wine: The Loaded Truth behind Mommy Wine Culture, is available September 12, 2023.

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