In June of this summer, 2023, Women’s Running Stories host and producer Cherie Turner closed the chapter on running longer distance races (at least for now), like marathons and ultras, and turned her attention to the 5k. Her goal: break 20 minutes in the 5km. Cherie is currently 54 years old and she has never dipped under 20 minutes at this distance. The closest she’s ever gotten was back over a decade ago, when she ran 20:19.

This is Part 2 of Cherie’s journey, an update that spans September and October 2023. Part 1 of this series concluded with Cherie setting a baseline time of 21:10 on August 30. Please click the link below to hear that episode; it’s not a prerequisite for listening to this episode, but it will give you more context and background on this project.

In this episode, Cherie covers what she’s learned over the past few months and what her racing and training efforts have looked like.

Come along for the journey.

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