Christine Yu is a lifelong athlete and a runner, though it took time before she used either of those terms to identify herself. Yu is also a writer, and she focuses on the intersection of sports science and women athletes. These dual passions recently culminated in the much anticipated book Up to Speed: The Groundbreaking Science of Women Athletes.

This is ultimately the focus of Yu’s story for this episode: where her personal athletic and running journey and her professional writing pursuits meet. Her story is both uniquely personal and touches on experiences many women share: the joy of playing sports with friends and the grounding effect of running, as well as challenges with disordered eating, feelings of not belonging, and struggles with body acceptance.

Yu’s book stems from an interest in trying to better understand her own body and her realization about how little research exists that specifically focuses on the unique physiology of athletic women. While there is much to lament in this realm, Yu ultimately has hope for the future. So should we.

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