The Planted Runner podcast host coach Claire Bartholic tells the story of how satisfying and transformative achieving one big goal can be.

Claire Bartholic shares how she went from being a first-time marathoner trying for, but not quite reaching, a goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon, to running a sub-3-hour marathon: for context, only 1% of women marathoners have achieved this sub-3-hour milestone.

It all started when Bartholic was in her mid-30s looking to get in shape for a high school reunion. It was then that she decided to start running. Then she got the running bug, and started marathoning: she was 38, the mother of two children, working as a real estate agent when she ran her first marathon. Four years later, she would reach her sub-3-hour goal.

This story gets into the details of how Bartholic became a passionate student of the marathon on her way to achieving her big time goal. She tells about how she mastered pacing and mental toughness, the mis-steps along the way, and the great satisfaction of figuring out the complex puzzle of how to run a marathon really well.

Today, Bartholic continues to run and has found tremendous passion in helping others achieve their running goals through her coaching business. She is also the host of the running podcast The Planted Runner, where each episode, she shares one actionable topic that runners can apply to their own training. In addition, Bartholic is the author of the book The Planted Runner: Plant Based Nutrition for Running at Your Best.

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