From Kenya to the US, from academic success to professional running with the US Army’s WCAP, how Elvin Kibet created a life defined by her own choices.

Elvin Kibet was born and raised in a small village in Kenya, not far from Iten, a town internationally recognized as a hotbed of elite running. Kibet’s focus growing up, however, was school; she was determined to excel. And she did. But that wasn’t enough to earn her the scholarship she wanted. There was, however, another way.

Kibet’s two older sisters, Sylvia and Hilda, were both internationally competitive professional runners by the time she finished high school. Their advice: if you want to earn a scholarship and choose your own major (in Kenya, your area of study is chosen for you), you need to run.

This set Elvin Kibet on a journey to earn a running scholarship to a US university, which she did. And it was through this process, that she also discovered not only a talent for running fast and racing, but also a love of the sport. Post college, Kibet continued to pursue her racing dreams, ultimately earning a position in the World Class Athlete Program, or WCAP. WCAP is part of the US Army, so in addition to being part of a professional running team, Kibet also became a soldier.

Here, as a member of WCAP, Kibet also became the first athlete in the program to ever get pregnant. She faced in unknown future because the Army had no pregnancy policy for members of WCAP. But now because of Elvin Kibet, they do.

Kibet’s story is highlighted in the new book All in Stride: A Journey in Running, Courage, and the Search for the American Dream, by Johanna Garton, which also features the story of her husband, US Olympian Shadrack Kipchirchir, as well as Olympian Samantha Schultz. Undoubtedly after hearing Kibet’s story here, you will be inspired to read the book.

This episode covers Elvin Kibet’s running journey, from Kenya to the US; through college, to her first years as a professional runner to WCAP, and through to today, as she navigates the joys and empowerment she’s discovered in motherhood. Kibet tells her story in terrific detail, with particularly fascinating insights into the process of emigrating to a new country and the challenges of becoming a professional runner, both in Kenya and the US.

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