Two-Time National Champion Erika Kemp shares her running journey, as she leads up to her marathon debut at Boston 2023.

Erika Kemp will be racing 26.2 miles for the first time ever at the 2023 Boston Marathon on April 17. As one of the top professional distance road racers in the United States today, Erika has had a lot of success. But she’s also gone through some significant challenges. Through it all she’s gained wisdom, which she brings to her training, racing, and career choices.

Erika began racing in high school and found early success. But she wasn’t completely sold on the sport until she reached her college years. Racing for North Carolina State University, Erika had great teammates, great coaches, great success, and probably most importantly, she had a great time and discovered a deep drive explore her ultimate potential in the sport.

Erika turned pro right out of college, becoming a member of the Boston Athletic Association professional team in 2018. In her time as a pro, she has upped her racing distances and earned two national titles; she also won the 2021 USATF Running Circuit over title. But, she has also had her fair share of defeats and frustrations. Through it all, Erika has absorbed the wisdom of her experiences. And she’ll be taking all of that to the start line of her first marathon on April 17.

Erika shares the story of her entire running journey, as she prepares for her next great challenge, the marathon. Along the way, we get to celebrate her wins, learn from her difficulties, and get excited to cheer her on at Boston.

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