Gina Lucrezi started to notice the preferential treatment the boys got in sports in high school. Her consciousness around this grew over time and combined with her love of running and her experiences in the running industry ultimately developed into her founding the women’s trail running and hiking community Trail Sisters. In this episode, Gina tells the story completely in her own voice.

Gina discovered an interest in running early on and her talent for the sport was recognized by the high school running coach. The coach was onto something: Gina set a school record in the mile and then numerous cross-country course records. She went on to be a champion DIII runner in college.

Post-college, Gina began working in the sports industry, eventually focusing on the outdoor run/hike space. She also discovered a love of trail running and racing, and developed into a competitive sponsored athlete. All along the way, Gina continued to take note of the preferential treatment male runners and racers received, in every facet of the trail running world. After numerous efforts to encourage change within the system, she decided to do something herself.

Trail Sisters was born. What started as a passion project at Gina’s kitchen table quickly grew to a large community of women who share experiences and support to get out on the trails. Over the past six years, Trail Sisters has developed into a leading voice in the trail running and hiking industry, helping establish a space that values and includes women.

Gina emphasizes that the power of Trail Sisters is rooted in the collective efforts of all of the individuals who have been involved, in whatever form that takes: “I feel like we’re very powerful when we work together and we support each other,” says Gina.

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