Hillary Allen is a professional ultra distance trail runner, and she’s among the best in the world. This is especially the case over steep technical mountainous terrain. Hillary’s journey is remarkable not only for her running and racing success, but also because of her tremendous resilience. Her abilities to return to elite racing, or running at all, have been pushed to the edge again and again.
Thankfully for us, Hillary’s thoughtful, insightful process of navigating resilience is something she’s open to sharing: she’s generous with her wisdom. Here, Hillary tells her story completely in her own voice.

If you aren’t familiar with Hillary’s racing career, it’s likely because most of the racing she’s done is in Europe where the style and the terrain of the racing suits her; it’s what she really loves. Hillary is also the author of the book Out and Back where she chronicles in fine detail exactly what she’s had to overcome and what’s she’s learned.

Hillary will readily tell you that she’s not the same as she was before her running journey began. She doesn’t consider her story one of comebacks; it’s one of growth. It’s a story punctuated by a near-death fall and then other serious set-backs. Through it all, Hillary has honed the art of growth through adversity, and she’s cultivated a lot of skills along the way.

In this episode, Hillary brings us up to the present, which very significantly includes her running the 100-mile UTMB, which just took place at the end of August 2022. If you’re not totally familiar with UTMB, it can refer to the collection of races that take place over the course of a week in late summer in the Alps, with all of the action based out of Chamonix, France, or it can refer to the UTMB race, which is the premier event of that week of races. The race is a full circumnavigation of Western Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc. Suffice to say the UTMB festival of events is the largest, most competitive collection of ultra events in the world.

When Hillary isn’t racing up and down the tough technical terrain in Europe or elsewhere in the world, she’s training and racing on the tough technical terrain near her home in Boulder, Colorado. She relayed her story from there just after returning from her time in Chamonix and the UTMB.

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