Strides Behind the Mic

In these episodes, we share stories from listeners, like you! The story prompt is “Share a memorable moment from a recent run.” You record yourself telling a 1-3 minute story related to that prompt and send it in to Strides Forward producer Cherie.*

Your story can be anything, just something that’s stuck with you. Provide some nice details, like weather, location, what your surroundings looks like, what was on your mind, how you felt, who you were with or were you alone . . . and what has stuck with you and why. Note that stories are edited for clarity (as in, don’t worry if you misspeak and need to repeat yourself!).

In each mini-episode we share a selection of three to four listener stories. We also share news and updates about the podcast, recommendations, and host Cherie’s insights into her own running experiences, challenges, and lessons learned.

*Submit a voice memo of your story via the form here or email the recording to If you like, please include your name and where in the world you run.

MINI-EPISODE May 8, 2022

MINI-EPISODE March 18, 2022

MINI-EPISODE February 9, 2022

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