Jasmine Santiago is a runner and podcaster: she’s the host of Brown Girl Running, where she shares her own running story and interviews other BIPOC runners about their experiences. Santiago is one of the few BIPOC women to host a running podcast.

But getting to this point has been a journey, with very steep ups and downs. In this episode, Santiago shares it all: the breaking point of trauma fueled addiction, finding running as a way to heal and discover her authentic voice, discovering the beauty of a supportive running community, experiencing racist, threatening backlash for speaking out about being a BIPOC runner in a predominantly white running community, and finally finding a safe space and communities in the running world where she feels free to be herself, speak out, and provide a platform where others can do the same.

As part of her running pursuit, Santiago has begun to delve deeper into and more fully embrace her Puerto Rican, Mexican, Indigenous culture and ancestry. She is also now an active member of Latinos Run Raleigh, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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