Jennifer Maxwell is best known as the co-founder of PowerBar, with her late husband, Brian Maxwell. Not only did the couple found a hugely successful company, they created the energy bar sector. Before PowerBar, which launched in 1986, there were no energy bars. These days, Jennifer continues to reinvent in the energy bar space with the launch of JAMBAR.

While Jennifer’s passion for running certainly played into her interests in creating PowerBar (and now JAMBAR), her life as a runner started long before 1986. Jennifer has been running since she was a child, and running continues to be an important part of Jennifer’s life and identity.

Over these many years, the part running has played in Jennifer’s life has morphed to suit her needs. And her needs have changed dramatically over the years. This is the story of how running has helped shape Jennifer’s life and in turn how Jennifer has utilized this sport to navigate some of life’s most difficult challenges and greatest achievements.

Her story is testament to the many ways we can weave running into our lives, and how truly remarkable the relationship to this sport can be.

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