Finding confidence in the pro/elite field, with an eye to the Olympic Trials Marathon.

Elite runner and PhD student Jeralyn Poe tells the story of how it all went down from her viewpoint racing in the 2023 USATF 10km National Championships, which took place September 23, 2023, in Northport, NY, at the Great Cow Harbor 10km.

Poe is in a relatively new phase of her racing journey, having finished her collegiate career just a couple years ago. Specifically, over the past two years, she’s gone from the collegiate level of racing to the pro/elite field, and she’s switched from track racing to racing on the roads. In addition, she’s focused on a whole new distance: the marathon.

Poe has always preferred longer distance races, and in college, the furthest she could race was the 10k. Now in her post-collegiate life, she’s excited to focus on the marathon. To get there, she’s gradually been upping her race distances and will debut in the marathon at the 2024 Olympic Trials Marathon, which will take place in Florida, in February.

The Olympic Trials is Poe’s A goal. This 10k champs then plays into a much bigger picture of Poe’s running plans.

Poe tells the whole story in this episode.

The 2023 USATF 10km National Championships is a part of 2023 USATF Road Circuit, a series of races, for various different distances, that happen around the country throughout the year. Racers have a chance to earn a national title, as well as to earn prize money and points based on finishing places; points go toward the overall series standings. The top three places in the series after the 10km champs are Ednah Kurgat, Nell Rojas, and Emma Grace Hurley. All three of these runners have been featured in our Race Report episodes this year.

You can catch up on earlier road races in the series through our Race Reports. Each report features one runner’s perspective on how it all went down, to give you an inside look at these championship events.

Stay tuned for the next and final race of 2023 series: the USATF 5km National Championships taking place November 4, 2023, in New York City.

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