Nicole’s journey from giving birth to running a half-marathon nine months later.

In this, part 2/2, Nicole Pinto shares her running journey from giving birth to completing a half-marathon nine months later. Part 1 of this story features Nicole sharing the journey of how she trained for and ran the Boston Marathon while pregnant with her daughter, who was born in February 2022. We are excited to follow up on Nicole’s postpartum journey in this episode.

We first featured Nicole as part of our Roads to Boston series and she surprised everyone, including herself, with her pregnancy, which happened leading into the October 2021 event. We’ve loved keeping up her journey ever since, through this time of big change and discovery.

In her professional life, Nicole is a cardiovascular perfusionist, which means that she not only works long, intense shifts at the hospital, but she also has a medical background and curiosity about how the body functions. She brought that same interest and experience to her pregnancy and running journey, and she shares it in her story.

We are so thankful to Nicole for sharing her incredible running story, many times. And we love that her journey demonstrates what was possible throughout her pregnancy and beyond.

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