Nicole Pinto was a featured runner in our Roads to Boston series and she surprised everyone by revealing at the 2021 Boston Marathon that she was 18 weeks pregnant! We had to get the whole story, so we did. This is the story of how Nicole approached training for a marathon while pregnant, and how that magical day of running her first Boston Marathon went for her.
Nicole Pinto has been a runner, from track racing to marathons, for years. We feature her backstory in our Road to Boston series. Nicole had been scheduled to run the Boston Marathon in 2020, but then . . . COVID. She also wanted to start a family. These two pursuits came together over the course of 2021: Nicole got her entry into the October 2021 Boston Marathon and she got pregnant. Her training and racing journey, then, took on a whole new approach.

This is the story of how it all went down: the research, the concerns, the precautions, the joys, the worries, and ultimately, the victory. Nicole talks about the support and the pushback; how being in the medical field helped her navigate the process; how her experience with and knowledge of the science of the body helped her make good choices and boost her confidence; and how advocating for yourself around health is really important. Nicole wanted to show through example how capable and strong women can be through pregnancy. We are honored to share this story.

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Hear Nicole’s whole running story in our Roads to Boston series

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