How a pursuit to stay healthy and connect with family is making history.

Patty Hung, a retired teacher who now works as a pediatric nurse, never set out to run more consecutive Boston Marathons than any other woman. But that’s the position she finds herself today. On April 17, 2023, when Patty crosses the finish line at the marathon, she will have completed her 37th consecutive Boston Marathon, more than any other woman in the history of the event. She’ll break the record previously set by Andrea Hatch, who last ran the Boston Marathon in 2013.

Patty, who was born and raised in Boston but moved to California many decades ago, turned to running marathons during a challenging time in her life: when she was getting through a divorce and figuring out how to raise her three young sons on her own. Training for and running the Boston Marathon became a way to keep her mentally and physically healthy, and to stay connected with family.

Here Patty shares her story: her love of running marathons and what’s kept her coming back year after year.

Patty was part of our Roads to Boston series, which told the running stories of 9 women all the way through to the finish line of the 2021 Boston Marathon.

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