Professional middle distance track racer Rebecca Mehra shares her professional running story. It’s been marked by great success, two years of disappointing hurdles, to now: coming into 2024 healthy and ready, with a new perspective, new coach, and new set of training partners.

Rebecca Mehra is a professional middle distance track racer, sponsored by Oiselle. She specializes in the 800 and 1500 meter. For her collegiate career, Mehra raced for the legendary running powerhouse Stanford. A year after graduation, in 2018, she became a member of Oiselle’s Littlewing Athletics Elite Team, coached by former professional runner, now award-winning author Lauren Fleshman.

As a new pro, Mehra’s star was on the rise. She was setting PRs, going head to head in top competitions, and winning races. She was racing at top invitational meets throughout the US, and in Europe.

Over the past few years, however, Mehra has experienced a series of frustrating events. Sickness and injury have set her racing plans back, time after time. There was more than one occasion when Mehra considered her career as a professional racer over.

Coming into 2024, however, things began to shift. Mehra has been healthy, and she’s found a new team to train with and she has a new coach. She’s also bringing her years of experience and wisdom, and a refreshed commitment to her professional racing career.

It’s an Olympic year, and Mehra is ready to get in the mix.

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