Great stories, great flow, motivational too!

I’m a novice runner and am loving this podcast. It’s so professionally done and the stories are great and motivating. It’s so important to be amplifying the stories of women in sports and this podcast does it beautifully.

John_Cunha, 07/08/2020

Simply Awesome!

Fantastic podcast series; I listen to it religiously! Thanks so very much Cherie!😊👍🏻

Runnerchiccy1818, 06/13/2020

So well done!

Cherie weaves the stories of each runner in a creative and riveting manner that captures the listener. This is an awesome podcast!

ReviewersUnitedAFC, 06/04/2020

Great content, professional production values

I’ve been enjoying this newish running podcast. I like the way this season has an overall theme and individual inspiring stories around that theme. The sound and production are also top-knotty.


A great companion on solo runs!

Missing my running group like crazy right now, but these women are making excellent company in the meantime. Their stories are so inspiring and Cherie does a great job telling them.

In the Media:


“This may be a new podcast, but it’s already one of the best-produced running podcasts out there.”

Strides Forward is a new series from Boston-based podcaster Cherie Louise Turner featuring stories about women and running. The first 10-episode season focuses on tales from South Africa’s prestigious 56-mile Comrades Marathon. In the first episode, Devon Yanko discusses why Comrades is her “white whale,” and Turner does an excellent job of weaving context and history into her story so even a non-runner could follow. This may be a new podcast, but it’s already one of the best-produced running podcasts out there.

Runner’s World magazine, March 27, 2020