We did it! Join us to hear how the 125th Boston Marathon experience was for all eight of our runners who toed the line on October 11, 2021. Get inspired while you get an inside look at being a part of one of the most celebrated and historic sporting events in the world.

This episode is part of our Roads to Boston 2021 series, where we followed the journeys of 9 women from around the world to the 125th Boston Marathon, which took place October 11, 2021.

The previous Boston Marathon took place April 2019. And finally, this legendary event was back, in person. For every participant who gets an entry to Boston, it’s a victory all its own: you can’t just sign up for Boston, you have to earn your way in. Get an inside look at what goes in to getting to the finish line of the 125th Boston Marathon. Whether Boston is in your future or your running interests take a different shape, join us to energize your own aspirations.

In episode 1, we met the 9 women of this series and learned about how they got started in this sport. In episode 2, we learned about Patty’s and Amanda’s journeys to running marathons, which is inextricably linked to the Boston Marathon; in that episode we also learned about the Boston Marathon course. In episode 3, we featured the marathoning stories of Rochelle, Marija, Zarah, and Jonna, and episode 4 explored why Yao, Nicole, and Cherie run marathons.  Following those, we have episodes about how we all prepared for the Boston Marathon; then we gave a look back to how we all earned our entries into the Boston Marathon; and our penultimate episode looked at our final preparation before the big day.

Join us on the journey, to energize your own running goals.

The runners featured

Rochelle Solomon, Randolph, MA, USA; hospital and healthcare compliance officer; 1 Boston run
Patty Hung, Orinda, CA, USA; retired high school math teacher turned pediatric nurse; 35 Bostons run
Yao (Yaowapa) Hoisungwarn, Bangkok, Thailand; singing teacher;  1 Boston run
Marija Desivojević, Belgrade, Serbia; mathematician;  1 Boston run
Nicole Spaulding Pinto, Los Angeles, CA, USA;  cardiovascular perfusionist;  1 Boston run
Zarah Hofer, lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada; nutritionist;  1 Boston run
Amanda Watters, Ashland, MA, USA; editor, K-12 science curriculum development, 17 Bostons run
Jonna Maas, Spicer, MN, USA; medical doctor,  1 Boston run
Cherie Louise Turner, Somerville, MA, USA; podcaster, writer, editor; 2 Bostons run

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