Ruby Wyles is an elite level runner and athlete who has worked through significant health challenges. She is currently pursuing the exciting new world of multisport, as a triathlete.

From an early age, Wyles experienced serious challenges with disordered eating. While her health was stabilized, Wyles’ fraught relationship with body image and food wasn’t completely healed, especially when it came to the mental health facet of that process.

Over time, Wyles, who is British, also found a passion for running. She developed into an elite level runner and earned an athlete scholarship to run in the US. Then, COVID hit. Wyles behaviors around disordered eating and body dysmorphia began to escalate, until, as she describes it, she was at rock bottom.

Ultimately, Wyles sought help from sports dietician and nutrition coach Lindsey Cortes, founder/owner of Rise Up Nutrition, where Cortes and her team focus on helping women athletes with disordered eating habits recover and regain health and wellness.

In this episode, we hear from Wyles, telling her story, as well as Cortes, who shares her thinking and strategies for helping athletes like Wyles get on a path to health. This is a unique look at what the healing process from body dysmorphia and disordered eating can look like, from both the first-person perspective, as well as from the perspective of someone experienced in coaching people through these fragile and difficult times.

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