Ultra runner, activist, author Pace-Humphreys wants to know what her ultimate limit will look like.

Sabrina Pace-Humphreys understands what pushing through, putting one foot in front of the other in the face of great pain and on the edge of breaking feels like. She’s been doing it her whole life.

But it wasn’t until she discovered the world of ultra trail running that she truly understood how deeply empowered this had made her. She’s now on a quest to discover just how far she can push her boundaries, for herself and for others: to represent and inspire.

This is the story of how Pace-Humphreys went from growing up as the only Black identified person in a rural UK town where she experienced devastating racism and isolation to becoming a limit-pushing ultra runner and one of most dynamic, influential voices in trail running today.

When Pace-Humphreys began her running journey, she was in the throws of deep post-natal depression. Getting through her first one-mile walk/jog—a suggestion from her doctor—was a tremendous challenge. But it sparked something inside her, and set her on a life-altering journey.

In her quest to find her ultimate ultra challenge, Pace-Humphreys has completed some of the most challenging ultra events in the world, including the multiday stage race the Marathon des Sables and the 268-mile Spine Race, in addition to numerous other ultra and trail endeavors.

Her next challenge is the 200-mile Winter Downs, which takes place December 2023.

Among her many accomplishments as an activist and game-changer, Pace-Humphreys has authored the powerful and important memoir Black Sheep: A Story of Rural Racism, Identity, and Hope; she co-founded the Black Trail Runners; and she hosts the podcast Sabulous. In addition to all that, Pace-Humphreys, 45, is the mother of four children and grandmother of three, has recovered from addiction, and is an award-winning businesswoman.

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