“I don’t think I really liked running until maybe two or three years in of actually trying to run. I wouldn’t even call myself a runner at that point at all, but just somebody trying to get their life right and trying to have some balance. It really started to open up a new world for me.”

Sister Liz Sjoberg’s running journey started out as an interest and need to improve her health and lose weight, but over the years, it became a strong and steady force in her life. Running became something she enjoyed; the sport became a pathway not only to physical health, but also psychological and spiritual health. As Sister Liz said, it opened a whole new world to her.

As her interest in running grew, Sister Liz built up to running marathons, and added a fundraising element to her running. Thus was born Sisters on the Run. Over the past few years, Sister Liz, in the company of a growing number of participants both in person and virtually, has raised money for the community organization she serves in Brownsville, Texas, Proyecto Juan Diego. PJD provides low-income families in the Lower Rio Grande Valley with a wide variety of support and guidance, in realms such as health, education, and immigration.

This year, 2024, Sister Liz will serve as race director for the first ever chip-timed Sisters on the Run event: a 5k and 1-mile walk/run. The event takes place Saturday, January 27, in Brownsville. This is a virtual and in-person event, and it does raise funds for PJD.

Earlier on that day, beginning at 5am, Sister Liz will be contributing to the running efforts in a slightly different way: she will, once again, run a marathon, accompanied by whomever wants to join her.

And that is what this story is ultimately all about: how running is both personal and can be so much more.

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