How running new events and rediscovering the power of team and community is reinvigorating Fraser’s pro career.

Professional runner Vanessa Fraser has raced at the highest levels of her sport, but then found herself in a prolonged phase where things just weren’t clicking. So she decided to switch things up–a lot. Which is why Vanessa, along with her coach Shalane Flanagan, decided to put the 100 x 1-mile Nike San Francisco Women’s Miler Club World Record Relay attempt on her racing calendar. The event takes place June 3, 2023.

Discover how Vanessa got here, and why choosing to run a huge community event with 99 other women became an excellent fit for her process of continuing to compete at the highest levels of her sport.

Vanessa Fraser discovered her love of running in the third grade and has raced for the powerhouse collegiate team at Stanford and the prestigious Nike-sponsored professional team, the Bowerman Track Club. Then last year, in 2020, she decided to strike out on her own as a professional runner and forge a more personalized path in the sport. As part of that, Vanessa will be running the kick-off leg of this incredible 100 x 1-mile World Record Relay attempt, which will take place at Cox Stadium at San Francisco State University.

The women of the San Francisco Bay Area set this relay record both in 1977 and again in 1997. Then in 1999, the record was reset by the Canadian Women’s Miler Club, with a time of 9:23:39: that averages out to 5:37 minutes per mile. The women of the SF Bay Area are ready to take the record back.

All of the 100 women on the relay team have ties to the San Francisco Bay Area, and there is a huge age range: from 13 to 63. Qualifications, other than having ties to the SF Bay Area, are, for runners 50 or under, they have to show that they can run a sub-6:00 minute mile; for those 50 or older, it’s a sub-8:00 minute mile.

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